nice boat (gravira) wrote,
nice boat

16 wonderful years

I've had my lovely dog Curly for 16 years. My mother and I have decided that we had to let our dog go. Anyone one who has owned a pet knows that you are usually going to out live it. The idea or thought of losing a valuable family member is heart breaking. We have had so many nights where we would hope that our dog would just go to sleep and never wake up naturally. Sadly it wasn't meant to be. She was, in what we thought, in pain. Her poor legs would give out on her, she would have a lot of accidents, and she could no longer hear our voices. We knew it was time to end her suffering. We made the choice to let her go today.

We were with her to the very end. She went peacefully and calmly. Even though it was difficult for us, keeping her alive for our own selfishness was making it difficult for her. She has given us 16 years of joy and happiness. I can only hope that we have done the same for her.

Experiencing death is never fun. Its the only guarantee that each and every one of us will experience. To each and every one, live your life to the fullest. Love those close to you, because time is of the essence. When you lose someone, remember the wonderful life they gave you, because they'll always be in your mind and heart.


May 24, 1998 - March 1 ,2014
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